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Design Note #2: Oriented Triangles

This is inspired by the Izzi puzzle, which is composed of squares. I learned about it from Professor Mark Saul of the The Center for Mathematical Talent at NYU, who developed beautiful mathematical content for The Izzi puzzle consists of squares that have bisected edges that are combinations of black and white.

On my teaching blog, I explored the idea of using equilateral triangles. You need only 24 pieces to have one of each possible triangle, and they can be assembled into a hexagon. The challenge is to match all edges.

Below is the one I created in acrylic. The picture is a hexagon, but not a solution.

I created them initially using etching to create a lighter color. But I’m not a fan of etching unless it is really necessary. For one thing, it is slow. But I’ve also found that there is usually a more aesthetically pleasing alternative using low power cut lines. The new version will be available soon in our store.