We founded Cherry Arbor Design to share our love for creating things with new technology.  We started with long hours spent working with other Makers at Makerworks in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  We hope to inspire and help others create their own art.

What we can do

We are specialists in custom laser cutting and raster engraving, supplying bespoke laser cutting to Michigan and beyond. We have skills, experience and expertise to offer an excellent quality custom cutting laser service.

Tile puzzles

I became inspired to use tiling and tessellations in the classroom when I was using Harold Jacobs book, Mathematics: A Human Endeavor. Like every chapter in the book, he does a great job of inspiring curiosity.

Tiling the plane has fascinated people since antiquity. Unlike puzzles where no two pieces are alike, tessellations use a small number of tile types that are repeated. Some can be assembled in a pattern that repeats. Others, such as Penrose tiles, form patterns that in a sense never repeat, despite using as few as two different tiles. I started making sets of tiles that the students used to explore geometric ideas, and those grew into the puzzles we offer.

Materials and design information

Cherry Arbor Design creates new designs and manufactures them with our 150 watt laser cutter in Michigan. We can work with paper of any thickness, wood up to 5/8″, glass, natural materials like leather or canvas, and synthetic materials such as acrylic, neoprene, or rayon.  We can use your digital art directly, or our designers can create digital files based on your art and manufacture your product.