We founded Cherry Arbor Design to share our love for creating things with new technology.  We started with long hours spent working with other Makers at Makerworks in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  We hope to inspire and help others create their own art.

Where you can see us

  •   2018 shows include the following,
  • Joint Mathematics Meeting Jan 11-14, 2018 San Diego, CA,
  • American Craft Council Feb 22-25, 2018 Baltimore, MD,
  • American Craft Council March 16-18, 2018 Atlanta, GA,  
  • American Craft Council April 19-22, 2018 St Paul, Minnesota,
  • Art in the Park 2018 in Downtown Plymouth July 13, 14, 15
  • 2018 State Street Art Fair in Ann Arbor July 19-22




Tile puzzles

I became inspired to use tiling and tessellations in the classroom when I was using Harold Jacobs book, Mathematics: A Human Endeavor. Like every chapter in the book, he does a great job of inspiring curiosity.

Tiling the plane has fascinated people since antiquity. Unlike puzzles where no two pieces are alike, tessellations use a small number of tile types that are repeated. Some can be assembled in a pattern that repeats. Others, such as Penrose tiles, form patterns that in a sense never repeat, despite using as few as two different tiles. I started making sets of tiles that the students used to explore geometric ideas, and those grew into the puzzles we offer.

Our Workshop

We have studied graphic design, art and ironwork.  Pete has had a career in math and software development and has recently added teaching high school math, physics and computer science to his resume.  He initially developed puzzles to help high school kids struggling with math to have some success with geometry.  Heidi has been drawn to the amazing forms created by intersecting mathematical shapes and has, using Pete’s software, created the pendant, coaster, and wall decor designs.   Collaborating on the development of new designs has been a wonderful experience for us.  We are both Veterans and produce all the work available to purchase in our shop ourselves.